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We at Applied Life want to help you live your life in an innovative way, true to yourself. We want to help you challenge assumptions of what is possible and find new ways as well as develop new skills that help you thrive in being your authentic self in business, education, love, and life.

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We take our knowledge from state-of-the art science and our understanding of scientific methods along with our experience in business, education, and mindfulness practice, and use it to help you develop your own individual skills and strategies that you need to take your life to the next level. Instead of giving you more common knowledge, we help you identify and develop the skillset of cognitive, emotional, and practical skills and apply them so that you yourself can transform your life and be at your best.

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Everyone deserves to experience true love. We help you find and nurture your significant relationships.

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In being different there is a strength that you can leverage. We help you discover and unleash your full potential.

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There are things that matter that you can’t learn out of a textbook or in school. Let’s talk about those.

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Be the catalyst for change. Let’s talk about culture and vertical development.

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Applied Education testimonial picture: Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Expert for giftedness and education in the early childhood, Fakultät 4,  Institut 2, University of  Hamburg, Germany

“Nelly is an expert at various levels. She is able to think molecularly as well as globally. She grasps severe, impenetrable problems in her own analytical mindset. Nelly is also smart, reliable, persevering – even against resistance – and severely logical. She can endure to listen for a long time but within she can intervene instantly with a great reasoning skill. Furthermore, she is polite, friendly, balanced and has a delightful sense of humor. I would ask Nelly for help if I had to think through complex structures and determine an internal and external order.”

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