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We at Applied Life want to help you live your life in an innovative way, true to yourself. We want to help you challenge assumptions of what is possible and find new ways as well as develop new skills that help you thrive in being your authentic self in business, education, love, and life.

who we are.

We are a network of coaches, scientists, educators, business consultants, and above all diverse human beings who think outside the box and embrace curiosity, diversity, and inclusiveness. We are passionate about offering resources and services that work as catalysts for change and that help people flourish in their profession, their relationships, and their personal lives. 

Applied Life Founder: Dr. Nelly Nguyen

what we do.

We take our knowledge from state-of-the art science and our understanding of scientific methods along with our experience in business, education, and mindfulness practice, and use it to help you develop your own individual skills and strategies that you need to take your life to the next level. Instead of giving you more common knowledge, we help you identify and develop the skillset of cognitive, emotional, and practical skills and apply them so that you yourself can transform your life and be at your best.

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Everyone deserves to experience true love. We help you find and nurture your significant relationships.

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In being different there is a strength that you can leverage. We help you discover and unleash your full potential.

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There are things that matter that you can’t learn out of a textbook or in school. Let’s talk about those.

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Be the catalyst for change and shape the future of leadership with us.

our services.

We care about your ideas, needs, and visions. Therefore, we offer completely customized and (unless otherwise specified) location-independent services. Professional ethics are important to us. We want to dedicate our time, effort, and enthusiasm to people, organizations, and projects that align with our own spirit and professional focus.


Meet our certified brain-based coaches and positive psychology coaches


We help coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and enhance their practices

Coach Training

Our Science to Skill Coach Training allows you to build skills that you can customize and apply to your needs

Peer Supervision

We’re providing the platform for an evidence-based community to share, connect, and collaborate. 

Family Counseling

Meet our psychologists, educational scientists, and mindfulness practitioners


We offer location-independent interactive webinars


Experience a learning journey while being away in a beautiful and inspiring location


Use the opportunity for hands-on interactive learning in a creative environment


Invite our speakers to share their expertise and insights with you


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our scientific experts for practical information


We are happy share our resources or refer you to other experts on diversity related topics

Conceptual Design

We design science-based tools, interventions, workshop concepts and exhibition concepts

from acclaimed experts.

Applied Life testimonial picture: Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Dr. Robert-Biswas Diener, Positive Acorn | wellbeing researcher, keynote speaker, trainer

“Dr. Nelly Nguyen is a rare professional. When working with her it is immediately clear that her brain works in overdrive. Her ability to quickly process information, learn new concepts, and generate creative ideas is breathtaking. Fortunately, her innate intelligence is not an “it’s-about-me” phenomenon. Instead, Nell has the ability to carefully listen, pay attention to subtle points of language and expression, and work collaboratively. As if all of that were not enough, Nell leads with her integrity. I have repeatedly been impressed with her desire and ability to reflect on her own practice to make certain that she is being responsible and ethical.”

Dr. Franz Huetter

Dr. Franz Huetter, BRAIN-HR Scientific Consulting & Training

“Prospectively, high performers with a track record of continuous transdisciplinary education will be urgently needed and highly sought after on the labor market. One of the promising ways of preparing for this anticipated future is to constantly challenge high potentials with multi-perspective input from academia and business in an intellectually enriched environment, allowing them to break old frameworks of thought and action and to build new ones. As leadership is increasingly based on thought leadership, think tanks that function according to this principle serve as incubators for the top performers of tomorrow. When such a think tank is led by an inspiring, energetic polymath like Dr Nelly Nguyen, the power and fascination of an exciting and promising future can already be felt today.”

latest news.

Live Retreat: Culture, Wisdom and Alignment in Coaching

You are invited to join us for an in-person learning experience. The Intentional Living and Research Campus, an initiative founded by several members of the Applied Life network, is hosting a learning and wellbeing retreat for coaches and positive psychology practitioners. The five-day event takes place in a quiet, idyllic location in the Canary Islands overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Days will start with workshops from innovative practitioners and will allow time for rich discussion, personal reflection and meaningful engagement with other participants. The retreat begins on Monday, May 13th at 5pm and concludes on Friday, May 17th at 11am. Visit the ILRC website to learn more.

Science to Skills is a Level 1 ICF Program

Our Science to Skills Coaching Course is officially a Level 1 ICF Program. Achieving Level 1 status means that our course is ACC Accredited Education and is in line with the ICF Code of Ethics. Program graduates may cite Science to Skills as their Level 1 accredited education when applying for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the ICF. We’re honored and excited to achieve this status, and we’re thankful to the students, coaches and other professionals who have supported us along the journey! Click “more information” to learn more about our next cohort, starting in September 2024.

Applied Life Team

Science to Skill Coach Training: Register Now!

Registration is open for the next cohort of the Science to Skill Coaching Training course. This course is ideal for aspiring coaches, organizational leaders, educators, and practitioners from adjacent professions like counseling or caregiving. Our next session begins September 2024. Want to find out more? Visit our resources page and download the brochure!

Applied Life Podcast: Kid with Microphone

Applied Life Podcast

We are happy to present our Applied Life podcast! In our podcast we offer conversations with experts about topics that we think are relevant for everyone. We won’t give you simple answers to complex matters, but we can offer helpful background information to develop a deeper understanding, resources, and practical application steps. Please listen, enjoy, and share. Thank you!

Applied Diversity Education: kids in cap and gown

WBECS Panel Discussion on Evidence-Based Coaching

Applied Life founder Nell was invited to speak on a WBECS Positive Psychology Coaching Panel by Robert Biswas Diener. They were joined by fellow coaches Suzy Green, Mongezi C Makhalima, and Christian van Niewerburgh for an insightful discussion on evidence-based coaching and coaching psychology. To view the recording, register for the 12th annual WBECS Summit on Coaching at

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