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Ep. 07

Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Phenomenon

Speaker: Nelly Nguyen & Bettina Koerner | Play length: 27 min | Date: 12.5.22

Nell and Bettina discuss Bettina’s research in depth, touching on the root causes of imposter phenomenon, its relation to Pierre Bourdieu’s Habitus theory, and how imposter phenomenon is affected by perceived social or psychological disadvantages, including feelings of discrimination among minority groups. They also discuss strategies that individuals and organizations can use to overcome imposter phenomenon to unlock true potential.


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The Equality and Human Rights Commission: https://equalityhumanrights.com/en

The Charta Der Vielfalt Diversity Study (2020): https://www.diversity-trends.de/#inhaltCharta

The Charta Der Vielfalt Diversity Fact Sheet: PDF Factsheet Link

Ep. 06

The Power of Neurodiversity

Speaker: Nelly Nguyen & Thomas Armstrong | Play length: 41 min | Date: 11.18.22

Thomas shares his research-based insights on neurodiversity and discusses the benefit of taking a strengths-based approach with all learners. Additional topics covered include positive niche construction, neuro-equality, and supporting neurodivergent individuals in community. Nell also discusses Thomas’s most recent book, the novel Childless.


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For more on ADHD: Jessica McCabe’s website howtoadhd.com 

For more on giftedness: mensa.org 

For more on Dr. Thomas Armstrong: institute4learning.com

Ep. 05

Third Culture Kids Assemble

Speaker: Nelly Nguyen & Christian van Nieuwerburgh | Play length: 41 min | Date: 09.26.22

Nell and Christian have both a personal conversation about their own experiences as well as a larger discussion about the role of TCKs in education and society. They discuss common struggles faced by TCKs, how to support TCKs in the educational system, and the unique strengths and skills TCKs bring to their work and communities. If you’re interested in more resources or information regarding Third Culture Kids, please email us at team@appliedlife.is.


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The book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken: learn more 


TCKidNow, a non-profit organization that provides resources and support to TCKs: tckidnow.com


Denizen Mag, a magazine available online and on Facebook that represents TCKs: denizenmag.com 


Professor Christian van Nieuwerburg’s website: growthcoaching.com.au

Ep. 04

Feeling Overwhelmed? Mothers, Speak Up!

Speaker: Nelly Nguyen & Kiera Lenz | Play length: 37 min | Date: 03.08.22 

They share background information on culture and social development, mention typical stressors and possible ways to reduce them, and offer lots of resources that contribute to parental wellbeing. If you’re interested in more resources or conversations with Kiera and Nell, please email us at team@appliedlife.is. 


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