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You don’t fit the box, and you feel there’s always something missing in ordinary solutions? We understand. And we empathize. And we believe there’s more to it. Because we ourselves are a bunch of people who didn’t (and still don’t) fit the box, and we’ve got hands-on experience of how thinking not just a little outside the box, but way outside the box serves people who don’t fit the box in extraordinary ways.

People who feel they are different may have specific struggles, but they also have an amazingly unique potential that if activated may bring forth a plethora of creative ideas, individual strategies, new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing things, including beautiful solutions that no one has thought of before. And by doing so they can contribute to something larger than themselves. We’d love to offer the safe space to engage in a thought-provoking conversation with you to find out where together we can create the greatest impact for you.

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We act as catalysts to empower you in your diversity. And yes, diversity can mean a lot of things. While we are curious about all of them, we currently specialize in: Giftedness • Overachievers • ADHD • High Creativity • High Sensitivity • Third Culture Kids • Women in Leadership • Start-ups and Entrepreneurship • Geeks

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Our coaches positively embrace working with people who are different and are trained to help you gain insights, apply your strengths, and learn how to do things differently – in a way that serves you and those around you.

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We offer to share helpful information and resources or speak at events to help create awareness and provide specific and targeted education.

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Applied Diversity testimonial picture: Carlina Scalf

Carlina Scalf

HR & Marketing Assistant at Matandy Steel & Metal Products, LCC | Writer, Storyteller

“Coaching with Dr. Nguyen changed my life. Our coaching journey together had the perfect blend of structure and creativity. I always knew I was moving forward with my goals, but our sessions were filled with so much insightful discussion, playful creativity, and outside-the-box thinking that coaching always felt more like energizing exploration than heavy problem-solving. I walked away from each session feeling empowered to move forward with my goals and become the person I was meant to be. I would recommend coaching with Nell to anyone who knows they have talents to share and a purpose to fulfill, but feels stuck on how to make those goals and dreams a reality. Nell will help you unleash your full potential, and you’ll have so much fun along the way.”

Tobias Wieschnowsky

Engineering Manager at ultimate.ai

“I thought the first session with Nelly would be mostly a bit of getting to know each other, but we were off to a running start. I was amazed by how quickly we got on and how many topics and ideas we discussed in the very first session. I was very positively surprised by how easy I found it to be open with her and really dive deep into what I was struggling with and wanted to improve. After the first few sessions, I started struggling with a very difficult personal problem, which had a huge impact on me, both privately and at work. But Nelly had built so much trust and such a great relationship with me so quickly, that I didn’t hesitate to bring the topic up in our coaching sessions. It was definitely our most difficult session, due to the severity of the issue I was struggling with, but also the one I valued the most because it helped me so much to talk with her about it. She helped me be more kind and forgiving to myself in a very difficult and overwhelming time. Throughout all sessions, she helped me gain new perspectives and insights on complex issues at an amazing pace, and with that incredible energy and positivity she radiates from the first second you talk with her. ”

Applied Diversity testimonial: Tobias Wieschnowsky
Applied Education testimonial picture: Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Expert for giftedness and education in the early childhood, Fakultät 4,  Institut 2, University of  Hamburg, Germany

“Nelly is an expert at various levels. She is able to think molecularly as well as globally. She grasps severe, impenetrable problems in her own analytical mindset. Nelly is also smart, reliable, persevering – even against resistance – and severely logical. She can endure to listen for a long time but within she can intervene instantly with a great reasoning skill. Furthermore, she is polite, friendly, balanced and has a delightful sense of humor. I would ask Nelly for help if I had to think through complex structures and determine an internal and external order.”

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We’d be honored to be part of your beautiful journey to self-discovery and self-efficacy and to help the world embrace the potential of diversity. Do let us know what’s on your mind.
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