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To anticipate and meet the demands of socioeconomic development and proactively shape the future you envision for your organization and your team, it requires a holistic understanding that surpasses standard tools and frameworks. Leaders of today need to experience vertical development and adopt a skillset of a different quality to help their organizations and the people in it not just survive but thrive.

We’ll support you in developing and expanding those skills and start by meeting you where you’re at. Instead of reducing the complexity for you, we’ll help you appreciate it and find your own way to work with it.

our services.

We’re trained to look beyond standard solutions and have a deeper understanding of the internal and external conditions of leadership. We are willing to look at your specific situation from a perspective of psychology, neuroscience, culture, future-orientation, and mindset and derive with you the practical actions, interventions, and programs you need – whether you’re working on company culture, facing digital transformation, going through a process of change, or building a new business. We help you with the transformation you seek regardless of the size of your business.
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We offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching for transformational leaders and teams.
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We are trained to work with evidence-based assessments: personality assessments, strengths assessments, 360° feedback tools, team checks, organizational culture assessments etc. as an integrated part of our services.

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workshops & webinars

We use contemporary formats that allow you to digest new pieces of information, reflect and discuss them, experiment and share your insights, and eventually implement what works for you.

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change facilitation

We partner with you in leading your organization through visionary transformation processes building on internal strengths and resources.
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program development

We help you develop and implement your own customized mentoring or leadership program and train you so that you can facilitate it sustainably in your own company.

from our clients.

Applied Leadership testimonial picture: Melanie Wallner

Melanie Wallner

Key Account Manager at Danone

“I came to Nell because I wanted to develop myself on a personal level in order to become a more conscious and better leader both in mindset and action. Right from the first session, I knew we were a great match. Nell was perfectly able to follow my fast and complex thinking. What’s more, she challenged my thoughts and helped me structure them. The best moments were always those where we looked deeply into my areas of development and came up with solutions that really suited my needs, rather than with general tools. I really loved working with her.”

Stefan Schulz

New Technology Coordinator at Raygroup Sasu

“As a mechanical engineer, not only by trade but most importantly by heart, I set incredibly high expectations to myself in everything I do. Nell has helped me to become more aware of other individuals’ capacities. This newly found awareness has since enabled me to tailor my conduct not only to different situations, but also to peers from different cultures. Nell’s scientific background has played a vital role in our journey as she was able to understand my thinking patterns and hence support me to develop strategies that have proven to be very effective and easy to implement in my corporate as well as my private life. I can sincerely encourage every structured thinker to heavily consider Nell when searching for a professional coach.”

Applied Leadership testimonial picture: Stefan Schulz

Marcel Paradies

Marcel Paradies, Application Developer at Munich Re
“Nell is a scholar. We’ve worked together for the better part of a year, after I transitioned to a more senior role at work. With her structured approach and unwillingness to let evasive answers stand (thanks!), she guided me in drawing a clear picture of my personality. With the techniques we developed as a result, I was able to grow into my new role very comfortably. What sets her apart, however, is her absolute transparency about the process, and her ability and willingness, to source her coaching approach in actual science (and send you the reference to the specific, peer-reviewed article, if you ask for it).”

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