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We believe that you can do more than just making your relationship work. We believe that you can have the relationship of your life and say so with conviction. Our services are directed at people who are confident that they can experience a better way of living fulfilled relationships and partnerships.

Whether you come from a loving family or a dysfunctional one, whether your life has been uneventful or challenging, everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally for exactly who they are. It is puzzling how we are not being taught how to express and receive love, and let’s face it: copying only what we see can be completely misguiding or at best leave many questions unanswered. Learning important skills such as self-awareness, dealing with strong emotions, understanding our values and needs, practicing how to communicate and behave lovingly, finding a partner who complements us, raising our children in a relationship-centered way should be made available to everyone. We create opportunities for you to learn, practice, and hone these skills in a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

our services.

We help singles overcome their behavioral patterns and approach dating much more effectively. We empower couples to find a deeper level of understanding and intimacy. We support parents in finding their personal style in mindful and loving child-raising. We apply our understanding of the underlying science and offer tools and practices that anyone can have access to.

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Individual coaching can help you understand what you want from a fulfilled and meaningful relationship and start your journey towards love in a self-compassionate way at your own pace.

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Our family counselors help you work through behavioral patterns mindfully, understand yourself and your context better, and find ways to have a loving family life.

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dating webinar

If you are looking for a true partnership, we accompany and support you through the adventure of dating in a much more effective way.


Take a few days off and invest in your relationship by going to a beautiful venue, recharge your batteries, and learn how you can let your relationship flourish.
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We offer easy-to-use tools and worksheets that suit your everyday need. Learn more about them as part of our journey together during our coaching, counseling, webinars, or retreats.

from our clients.

Applied Love testimonial: Anett and Thomas Brenski

Anett & Thomas Brenski

Participants at an Applied Life weekend webinar for couples

“We’ve enjoyed a fantastic weekend webinar in an optimal group setting that was packed with fun edutainment and opportunities to work through carefully selected eye-opening exercises. We really appreciate the multitude of tools and activities that Nell has developed which she conveys in a most sympathetic and comprehensible way. We experienced a well-spent time with long-lasting effect that motivates us to continue to tend to our ‘love garden’ with new and improved ‘gardening tools’.”

Antje Geldner

Applied Love coaching client

“I’ve been impressed by how easily Nell can switch between coaching conversations and more formal activities depending on what I needed most. We set up a fitting dating profile and implemented an effective dating approach. I walk away with greater awareness of how to take care of my own wellbeing, and new strategies for communication with transformational power for my new relationship.”

Applied Love testimonial picture: Antje Geldner
Applied Education testimonial picture: Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Expert for giftedness and education in the early childhood, Fakultät 4,  Institut 2, University of  Hamburg, Germany

“Nelly is an expert at various levels. She is able to think molecularly as well as globally. She grasps severe, impenetrable problems in her own analytical mindset. Nelly is also smart, reliable, persevering – even against resistance – and severely logical. She can endure to listen for a long time but within she can intervene instantly with a great reasoning skill. Furthermore, she is polite, friendly, balanced and has a delightful sense of humor. I would ask Nelly for help if I had to think through complex structures and determine an internal and external order.”

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