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At Applied Life, our motto is from science to skills to help you thrive. We are a think tank, professional network, and community that take state-of-the-art scientific insights and transform them into practical application. We support people and organizations that are open-minded and like to think outside the box in finding unique ways to thrive and contribute to a sustainable, flourishing society.

That’s why our Science to Skills Coach Training course is focused on equipping coaches and managers with the science-backed tools of coaching, empowering them to have transformative conversations in any context. You’ll learn an interdisciplinary approach to coaching that draws on a wide range of perspectives, including findings from:

  • educational sciences
  • contemporary neuroscience
  • positive psychology
  • mindfulness studies
  • emotional intelligence studies
  • performance studies

Moreover, instead of following one specific coaching philosophy or discipline, the course offers a deeper and more nuanced understanding of coaching science so that participants will see the building blocks of coaching and learn to develop their own style, processes, and practices whilst remaining aligned with the ICF on ethical standards.

learn the science-backed craft of coaching

During two semesters of class, you’ll learn the science-backed craft of coaching as well as the deeper underlying concepts — all explained in a comprehensible, adaptable way.

Equipped with your new knowledge, you’ll participate in practice coaching sessions outside of class meetings so that you can put theory into practice. You’ll be empowered to build your own skillset with confidence, then customize it to your individual style and situation.

There will also be an option to participate in group mentorship sessions, where you’ll put your skills into practice and prepare for ICF accreditation.

highlights of the course:

Science-Based Coaching Skills

Semester 1 will teach you the science behind the skills of coaching, including listening, speaking, goal setting, exploration, focus, learning, change, metacognition, and more.

Coaching in Action

Semester 2 will allow you to take a deeper look into important scientific concepts that you may call upon during your coaching practice, including motivation, optimism, emotions, mindfulness, creativity, diversity & inclusion, values, and much more.

Partnered Homework

All participants will have the opportunity to put theory into practice during partnered homework sessions. Each week, you’ll meet with a member of the cohort to practice a specific coaching skill, offer feedback, and provide community and support.

Coach Mentoring

For those who aim for ICF accreditation, we offer the necessary coach mentoring hours in the form of 7 hours of group mentoring and 3 hours of individual mentoring with a PCC level coach mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for aspiring coaches, organizational leaders or in-house coaches, educators, and practitioners from adjacent professions such as counselors or caregivers.

The course consists of 24 classes of 2.5 hour duration and 1 hour of partnered homework per lesson. 

For easy integration into your schedule, there will only be one 2.5 hour class per week, plus 1 outside hour of partnered homework. There are also built in holiday weeks between each semester.

The course meetings take place on Wednesdays from 4-6pm CET/CEST.

The current cohort ends in Spring 2024, and the dates for the next cohort have yet to be announced. Check back here in the future for an update on the official start date of our next course!

There are two course packages available to participants: 

Package 1 – €2750

Science-based coaching skills +scientific concepts in action

This package is ideal for organizational leaders, professionals from adjacent fields, or coaches who want to complement their coaching skills and who do not need additional ICF certification. You will gain the Applied Life Science to Skills Coaching Certificate. 

Package 2 – €3600

Science-based coaching skills +scientific concepts in action + 10hours of coach mentoring

This package is ideal for aspiring coaches and other professionals who want to become ICF certified. In addition to the Science to SkillCoaching Certificate, you will receive your coach training credits and coach mentoring hours to apply for ICF accreditation as Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Discounts & payments

For early bird and multiple signup discounts please get in touch at

Payment can be made upfront or in monthly installments of six consecutive months starting with the first installment inApril for the summer semester and September for the winter semester, respectively.

All participants will receive the Science to Skill Coaching Certificate upon completion of the course. For completion you need to participate in the 24 classes, including the corresponding 1 hour of partnered study between lessons. You may miss up to 2 classes during each part of the coach training, and up to 4 classes in total. If you miss more than 2×2 classes, you may team up with other classmates and make up for the missed classes by booking additional tutoring against a fee if a suitable time can be found.

This course is accredited as a Level 1 Coaching Education Provider with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As soon it is complete, all participants will receive 60 credits and can apply for the ICF credentialing process if they meet all other required criteria.

Certificate of accreditation can be found here.

from our past participants:

Applied Life Team: Vanessa van den Brink

Vanessa van den Brink

Business & Mindset Coach & Mentor to female entrepreneurs & businesswomen 

“Spoiler alert: I am huge fan of the S2SC of Applied Life. It is jam-packed with valuable content, giving the basis of coaching – and so much more – in a safe and trusted environment!

What I value the most with this course is how rooted the teachings are in science. Everything we talk about and learn to apply is evidence-based & tried and tested by Applied Life’s great founderDr. Nelly Nguyen. The sessions are fun, low key and simultaneously challenging. Thanks for such a well thought-out coach-training experience!”

Anne Lasse

Career & Mindset Coach

“The coach training was outstanding. Nell provided a supportive environment where I felt safe to contribute and speak up which ensured that I was getting maximum value.

There is an excellent mix of practical application and theory backed by science. I felt like I was in such good hands and it has equipped me to take the leap into starting my coaching business. Through the training, I have also built a network of peer coaches which enabled me to practice my skills and also see other peers in action. I cannot recommend this highly enough both for personal development and leadership skills as well as developing technically as a coach.”

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